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Create your freedom with your successful practice
and enjoy financial security
with the power of high-quality aromatic oils

Achieve increased customer loyalty and expand your offering for your clients

Our vision

The team at "Soul Oils" believe that in challenging times people need tools to support their physical & to find mental balance.
Aromatic oils can provide valuable support by encouraging people to take care of themselves, to take personal responsibility,
To gain hope and confidence and thereby have a positive influence on their lives and those around them.

Increase your practical experience and offer your clients innovative & natural solutions

Open up new income opportunities and gain financial flexibility & Security
for your future

Benefit from our professional support and expertise in the area of aroma oil advice

Expand your network and exchange ideas with an inspiring community of like-minded people

Experience the transformative power of aromatic oils
in your practice.
Become part of our team and shape the future of health together with us.


  • Innovative aromatic oil applications for more physical and emotional balance in your coaching

  • Expand your offering with natural and effective solutions for your clients

  • Community exchange and support for your personal and professional success

  • Secure an additional source of income and gain financial flexibility through attractive compensation plans


For me, being able to make my own decisions in life is my greatest asset.


Courage is the best formula against fear, always going one step further.


Life is full of ups and downs. I am sure that everything is a constant learning process and that we grow as a result.


Generational, social and environmental justice. This is what I want to work for, for women, family and a secure future.

holistically successful

Monika_ayurveda coach_0122-2.jpg

YOU probably have questions. I know that, it was no different for me.

I'm happy to be there for YOU. I will answer your questions and explain everything YOU want to know:
Just write me an

YOUR   Monica

Your questions?


Just a trend?

Aromatic oils are only a short-term trend and are of questionable quality. Refutation: doTERRA aromatic oils are certified by CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade), which guarantees their purity and quality. These high quality oils have been used for centuries and their effectiveness is well documented. doTERRA is committed to sustainable sourcing and environmentally friendly production practices, which underlines the quality and ethics of the oils.


Legally okay?

Soul Oils relies on an authentic and legally clean product
Network marketing model based on long-term relationship and mutual success. So-called “fast ball systems” are prohibited.
Our approach is to create a real community of coaches, therapists and alternative practitioners who are committed to spreading the positive effects of aromatic oils. Our focus is on exchanging knowledge and support in order to shape a sustainable and enriching future together.



At Seeleöle, the focus is not only on team building, but also on intensive care and support for our members.  An experienced team offers regular training, personal advice and resources to strengthen your aroma oil advice and provide your customers with optimal support. We accompany you on your journey and help you achieve your goals, whether you want to build a team or focus on individual customer support.

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