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Heroine's Journey

Welcome to your unique journey! This isn’t just about nutrition – dive into the steps of real change. Discover how to understand your eating history, cultivate self-compassion, and find holistic joy in life. I accompany you on this journey to a healthy relationship with food, body and mind. Together we set boundaries, explore the path to self-confidence and strive for positive change. Are you ready for a life without self-doubt, weight struggles and diets? Let's dive in together and explore the path to a fulfilled, balanced life.

Your accompaniment consists of:

5 months of direct and individual support via
weekly check-in calls of 30 minutes each + messenger support
In-depth analysis and individual recommendations
Worksheets, journal and documents on Food &
Guided meditations and somatic exercises


5 Monate exklusive
1:1 Begleitung

Messenger Support

Wöchentliche CheckIn-Calls
a 30 Min.

Individuelle Ernährungsumstellung
antienzündlich - hormonfreundlich
für dein Indivdualgewicht

Wöchentliche Challenges
& Ernährungs-Inputs

Echte Veränderung durch Mindset


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Unfold your food language

  • Deine Geschichte: Ergründe, wie deine persönliche Essgeschichte durch verschiedene Perspektiven beeinflusst wird.

  • Wurzeln und Flügel: Identifiziere die Ursprünge deiner Essgewohnheiten und erkunde Sichtweisen, um Muster und Zyklen zu verstehen.


Nourish from the inside

  • Self-compassion is key: Discover how to find nourishment for your soul beyond food by using self-compassion as the key to overcoming emotional eating.

  • Tools for self-nourishment: Learn practical tools to promote a compassionate mindset and anchor self-nourishment in your everyday life.

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Empower the mind

  • Mindset master: Use the power of self-strengthening to counter emotional eating.

  • Reframe thoughts: Use exercises to reshape your eating history and explore the power of positive thought patterns.


Connect to the #1 Expert

  • Inner Compass: Learn to access your inner wisdom.

  • Body-Mind-Symphony: Discover the interaction between body and brain and strengthen your self-connection and confidence in six fascinating ways.

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Nourish Beyond Food

  • Elixir of life: Learn how a fulfilling life beyond food can positively influence emotional eating.

  • Holistic nutrient mix: Use emotional tools to promote self-nourishment, including in relationships and physical activity.


Nourish the Eating Relationship

  • Magical Moments: Develop mindfulness while eating and practice with intention and presence.

  • Eating with pleasure: Integrate concrete eating strategies into your everyday life for more health and satisfaction.

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Monika_ayurveda coach_0160.jpg


Find your way

  • Develop awareness of how emotional eating and dieting are linked.

  • Develop your individual approach to eating that is sustainable, enjoyable and healthy.


Build boundaries

  • Explore your limits when it comes to eating.

  • Master of clarity: Learn to set clear boundaries and support yourself when eating with others.

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Change Management

  • Learn how to accompany yourself through change and set goals that go beyond the pants in the closet.

  • Find out how to get rid of your inner bastard,  Resolves setbacks and entrenched thought patterns with a balanced approach.


Weight immersion

Anker 1
  • Deepen your understanding of the connection between emotional eating, type-related individuality, and weight.

  • Learn a key strategy for weight management

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Fotos by Eva Jünger

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